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The business of sports is facing the most disruptive and transformative period in its history and technology is its #1 disruptor. 

SportsBiz’s DeepSport TM Solutions empowers marketing and brand managers to optimize decisions and maximize profit throughout the entire sponsorship lifecycle through its first-mover technology. 

DeepSport TM Solutions: BrandMatch

Matches the brand with best-fitting athlete, team, league, venue-stadium, association, and event on a statistically significant basis
Empowers brands to understand the true price of any sponsorship and whether the brand will be paying a premium or receiving a discount
Helps Negotiates increased scope of benefits on behalf of the brand
Reduces time spent researching (often unsuccessfully) critical deal-making knowledge, data, and business intelligence
Eliminates massive spend on over-subscribed assets
Understands the significance and value of social-community focus areas such as Racial Equality, Mental Health & Wellness, Equal Salaries for Women in Sports, Inner City Education and more


SportsBiz leads from the front in addressing technology related to Social Impact issues. 2020 ushered in a whole new world for corporate sponsors. Their relationship with sports and social impact causes has emerged as a front-and-center priority. Gen Z, in fact, demands that voices be heard and are hungry for meaningful change.

DeepSportTM Solutions’ proprietary Social Impact feature empowers brands to create strategic partnerships in real-time. This will drive their broader mission of social responsibility and satisfy the essential needs of their consumers.

DeepSport TM Solutions:

Optimizes brand’s budget allocation for each and every sponsorship campaign
Recommender Engine generates original strategic marketing campaigns through the platform’s robust and automated ideation output
Elevates the brand’s VIP relationships and enables brand to manage all levels and types of VIP corporate hospitality
Provide access to sponsorship campaigns executed by direct competitors, indirect competitors, non-competitors, and own brand in international markets

DeepSport TM Solutions: AssetROI

Monitor and calculate ongoing total campaign value generated through sponsorship in near-real time
Value past sponsorship campaigns undertaken by brand both on an individual feature or full campaign basis
Conduct multivariate comparisons of features across numerous sponsorship campaigns, evaluating one or more desired area or benefit of valuation
Forecast value of sponsorship campaigns that are being considered but yet to be undertaken based on defined variables related to the prospective sports marketing

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