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The Demise of Human Relations — The Rise of “Computer Relations”

By Steve Feuerstein

Human to machine fusion.

Are you like me and rely heavily on PowerPoint, Word, or Outlook? There’s far more than meets the eye to let today’s

CHATGPT AI’s integration into Microsoft’s Outlook, PowerPoint and Word platforms is as disruptive as they come. So it’s worth pausing for a moment to consider the seismic impact of this seemingly seamless software integration and other concurrent ones appearing on a near-daily basis.

Much has been said about the impersonalization effect experienced by #GenZ due to the systemic essence of social media and the veil that draped an important facet of what has been face-to-face human relations interaction for time immemorial. To suggest that Microsoft’s savvy tech move is going to make that transformation look tame is quite the understatement.

We are transitioning to a different functional role, one of becoming tactical pressers of buttons that will jettison the need for much original thinking, relegating many to the role of overseer and approver of what our AI “thought originator” ideated. The era of Computer Relations has just been ushered in, a juncture in our evolution that will see computer-to-computer interaction engage in exclusive dialoguing, negotiating, and decision-making on a real-time basis.
The Atlanta-based superbrand is investing well over $200 million in its rights fees and marketing spend. The World Cup was supposed to be about implementing strategies that uniquely strengthen the relationship with Coca-Cola’s soccer-loving consumers.

Tools like Outlook that control our email engagement will not only read every email received but it will instantaneously ideate and draft fully written messages to anyone and everyone with whom we communicate. Our job will simply be to proof, at times slightly revise, then merely hit the reply button.

Here’s how it’s going to play out behind the scenes: You will send an email outputted by ChatGPT. Your business contact, friend, or family member will have it read by their ChatGPT. Your contact will determine the best general response category and then hit the appropriate button to empower ChatGPT to output the final message. Your AI will then receive the message, process it, and provide optimal responses for you to then again to hit the reply button. Welcome to becoming a mere observer of your own life as your computers carry on dialogue-rich cyberspace conversations that just so happen to bear your signature.

SportsBiz is at the vanguard of originating AI solutions for corporate sponsors and integrating open source AI tools where necessary. Yet I still desire to stay tethered to every aspect of Steve the sentient being, and not yield all of my human credentials to next-gen tech — the soon-to-be new normal.

It all leads me to believe, though, that the maxim “I think, therefore I am” may soon be displaced with “AI thinks for me, therefore I am not.”

Much more to share — delighted to engage this topic together.


Steve Feuerstein is a 30-year veteran of the sports marketing and sponsorship industry. A former rights owner of professional sports events, agent to athletes, and tri-state New York radio show host, Steve founded SportsBiz to develop 21st-Century solutions steeped in AI and machine learning previously unavailable to corporate sponsors.

SportsBiz develops dynamic software that serve sponsors of professional sports, collegiate sports, and eSports. The company has recently introduced a novel TV, Web, and Social Media valuation and recommendation solution. Additional soon-to-be-released solutions include Social Impact, Metaverse, BrandMatch, and Campaign Recommendation Engine. Learn more at

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