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SportsBiz Appoints Worldwide Technology, Media & Advertising Executive David J. Moore as Chairman of the Board

Some of the most iconic commercials in the sports industry history have been those that embraced athletes on their home turf bearing personal, intimate messages penetrating the hearts and minds of the masses.

A photo of David J Moore.
David J. Moore

NEW YORK — (BUSINESS WIRE) — SportsBiz Inc. announced today that technology, media and advertising industry leader David J. Moore has been named Chairman of the Board. Moore joins SportsBiz after 12-years at the executive level of the world’s largest advertising group, WPP, where he served as President of WPP Digital and Chairman of Xaxis.

Moore was the founder and CEO of 24/7 Real Media, which he sold to WPP for $649 million in 2007. In his time at WPP, Moore championed the transformative role of technology through the development of new media products that deliver quantifiable value. He also helped support and develop a range of WPP venture investments.

SportsBiz is disrupting the way corporate sponsors spend their money, maximize their sponsorship investments and objectively measure their results through its advanced AI software solutions. For the first time in the 60+-year history of the business of sports, brands will be empowered to control the entire sponsorship process via target market KPI inputs and optimize their $100B+ spend on athletes, teams, leagues, stadiums and events.

“We have built a culture at SportsBiz which prides itself on excellence and Dave is the paragon of all things extraordinary. He’s a visionary. He’s an elite strategist. He’s a fighter. He’s an accomplished and dynamic corporate thinker and entrepreneur. In short, he’s the embodiment of everything that a team like ours has been looking for — what a privilege it is to welcome him on board,” noted SportsBiz’s Founder & CEO, Steve Feuerstein.

Moore will assume a vital role crafting and implementing the company’s fundraising, new client acquisition and public relations strategies. In addition, Moore also has the first right to invest $500,000 as part of the company’s overall $3.5 million present raise.

Reflecting on his decision to join the company at its helm, Moore stated, “I’ve been part of many outstanding companies in my career. It goes without saying, that after extensive research and discussions about the unique value of SportsBiz’s DeepSport Solution, it was an easy decision to be a part of this vibrant company.”

“Through emerging technologies and AI, our solutions are going to radically change the business of sports. Moreover, SportsBiz’s ability to remedy vast and costly pain points that sponsors routinely experience is steeped in decades of living and breathing their day-to-day challenges. What an unprecedented value proposition!”

Steve Feuerstein is a 30-year veteran of the sports marketing and sponsorship industry. A former rights owner of professional sports events, agent to athletes, and tri-state New York radio show host, Steve founded SportsBiz to develop 21st-Century solutions steeped in AI and machine learning previously unavailable to corporate sponsors.

About SportsBiz SportsBiz develops a blend of dynamic AI-enabled and human-fusion software solutions that serve sponsors of professional sports, collegiate sports, and eSports. Its first go-to-market offer in Q4 2022 is a TV, Web and Social Media Value Analysis & Recommendation Engine to objectively measure and optimize brand exposure. Soon-to-be-released solutions include Social Impact, Organic Event Creation, Metaverse, BrandMatch, NIL and Campaign Recommendation Engine. Learn more at SportsBiz.com

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