Our Mission

Empower corporate sponsors to maximize and optimize each and every dollar invested throughout the $120B sports marketing ecosystem.

Powered by AI, our SaaS platform, DeepSport Solutions is disrupting the business of sports.


We are a team of 20+ co-founders with expertise in business, technology and design who have developed a breakthrough sports sponsorship and marketing SaaS solution (DeepSport Solutions) that will revolutionize the way corporations and brands select sponsors for campaigns, maximize their investment in those sponsors, and objectively monitor their return on investment.
Our Target Market
Corporate Sponsors
In 50+ Industries Multi-License Opportunity Per Client
Our Offering
Business Model
Recurring Annual SaaS Licenses - $7,500-$85,000
Customized Solutions - $150,000+
Funding to Date
Founder Equity $150,000
Funding Going Forward
$7.5 Million Raise
Convertible Note (3-Year)
6.5% Compounded Annual Interest
Option to Convert to Equity
Contact Information
Steve Feuerstein
Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Our leadership Team

nick diCarlo
President & Chief Executive Officer
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Steve Feuerstein
Founder & Chief Strategy Officer
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Jeffrey Rudnick
Chairman of the Board
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Charles Boyle
Board Member & Data Science Advisor
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Paul Stonick
Chief Creative Officer
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randy fusee
Chief Revenue Officer
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marcelo radice
EVP, Sales & Marketing
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Lee Walsi Johnson
SVP, Brand Activation
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Phil Walker
Strategic Advisor
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Dmitry Shapovalov
VP of Techonology
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